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Hallo, ich heiße Nicola,

bin 25 Jahre alt und ich mag es die Männerwelt zu dominieren.

Dominanz spielt eine wichtige Rolle in meinem Alltag, nicht nur sexuell.
Ich mag nicht jede Seite der weiblichen Dominanz, was mir jedoch sehr viel Spaß macht ist:

Ich besitze bereits einen persönlichen Sklaven, aber ab und an treffe ich auch mal andere Sklaven, sofern ich sie mag und sie sich bewährt haben. Wenn du gut genug bist und dich benehmen kannst, ziehe ich es möglicherweise in Betracht, dich als einen meiner persönlichen Onlinesklaven zu halten. Daraus kann durchaus die Chance auf eine Realsession entstehen. Am Besten kann man mit mir über den MSN oder Yahoo Messanger in Kontakt treten.

Momentan stelle ich neue Videoclips her, die ich dann auf ww.clips4sales.com in besserer Qualität als die bisherigen die im Augenblick auf meine Youtubeseite zu sehen sind - anbieten werde.

Falls du spezielle Wünsche oder Ideen haben solltest, kannst du mit mir in Kontakt treten..

Lady Nicola

You often come across fetish webpages that you cannot help but stare at. Many of them are actually professional, hosting tons of high quality photos and videos. Many more catch your attention by how extreme they are, showing to which levels our fetishes can be taken. The anonymous internet has become the fetishist's paradise, and since demand dictates supply, the consequence is that the net medium cathers to just about any fetish.

When I stumbled across Lady Nicola's homepage one year ago,I found this escort site: https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-berlin-194/ then I was however not smitten by what a bright, colorful display of her dominance it was, or by how extreme her footage is. On first glance, the site seemed to be another, rather average hobby homepage of a dominant woman. Reading through it, I gained only little information on the Lady herself and her beliefs, and though her photos and videos were nicely done and, at least in my case, pretty arousing, they also were far from the professional shots of latex clad Mistresses in action that you can get just about anywhere on the net. After reading through her „about Me“ section and finding „moneyslavery“ listed among her preferences, I have to admit I more or less expected another aloof, spoiled young „Lady“ behind those words, very likely mistaking bitchiness for dominance and having figured out that some sorry males will actually pay for the „privilege“ of experiencing this so-called dominance.

However, I did not come across any of the usual, stereotypical lines about what an undeserving, sorry looser I was, and how the only way I could even dream about catching the Lady's attention would be to shower Her in gifts and bascially give away all my belongings and money (because as we've learned from so many pages of young „Moneydommes“, a slave is anyway too low a human to deserve so much as a roof over his head). There was also another thing about her homepage that intrigued me: It seemed authentic. Looking at Her photos, reading Her words and watching the video previews left me thinking that behind this webpage there could actually be a normal human being, who just happened to be aware of some of her fetishes and enjoyed living them. I guess it was mainly this perception (and my natural curiosity) that finally made me look for the Lady's contact information and drop her a few introductory lines in messenger.