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What I have felt for and with Lady Nicola I have not had with any other dominant Lady before, and the reason for the emotional intensity and beauty I find in submitting to her lies solely in what a remarkable Domme and human being she is. She is one of very few Ladies I have come across so far who are just naturally dominant and completely aware of this fact. As a result, whatever she decides to do to and with her subs is completely authentic. I never felt as though she only assumed the role of the dominant Mistress - on the contrary, it is just part of who she is as a human being. Even when we are not acting in the roles of Mistress and slave, I can literally feel her dominance.

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With many Ladies I have felt as though I was forced into an artificial role. But when I interact with my Mistress, I feel like all I have to do is to let go and truly be myself. Lady Nicola also possesses the self confidence to do exactly what She wants. Even the best submissive has probably come to realize at one point or another that he or she was trying to influence the dominant part, consciously acting in a specific way to achieve a certain result.

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Done too forcefully or too bluntly, this is what among fetishists is known as „topping from the bottom“, a major turn off for just about any dominant. But even an unconscious, very mild attempt to influence the dominant in the end takes the spice out of the play for the submissive himself: How can we be truly helpless and submissive if in reality we decide our own fate, by getting the dominant part to order exactly what we secretly want to do? I can only imagine how hard it must be for the dominant part to not fall into this trap, but the best way to avoid it surely is for her to possess the self confidence to simply do EXACTLY as she wishes, basically ignoring the submissive part. But then, completely ignoring the submissive and his feedback is a very dangerous path to go, for now the submissive's signals when he is approaching his limits are likely to be ignored as well. And while I have met few Ladies who possess that natural dominance and self confidence, I have met next to none who also had the sure instinct to understand a sub's state of mind well enough to know exactly when his limits are reached.